“The Saints” presents Saint Genesius – an actor!

Once upon a time in Rome, a comedian starred in plays that mocked the Christian rites and beliefs. Little did that comedian know how drastically his views of that faith would change!

Genesius of Rome (Saint Genesius) was born sometime in the third century in Rome and worked as an actor in a troupe. While performing for Emperor Diocletian (who you might remember from the story of Saint George), a powerful persecutor of Christianity, Genesius played a role in a mock baptism. It was met with laughs and ridicule, but something had changed in Genesius: it turned out he wasn’t the only actor that day!

The Holy Spirit moved in him, and as the satirical mocking continued, Genesius found himself less and less at ease with his part. Going entirely off script, he proclaimed his newfound faith, one that had ignited since the curtain had risen. His fellow actors tried to convince him to renounce what he was saying – after all, he was proclaiming faith in front of a persecutor! – but not even the threat of Emperor Diocletian could stop Genesius from singing the Lord’s praises.

He was martyred in 303 and now, centuries later, he is the patron of actors, acting societies, clowns, comedians, and more. Hear his dramatic conversion, told by actors of “The Saints: Adventures of Faith and Courage,” this Monday, June 17th, at thesaintspodcast.com!