A New Change for the Military Draft (The Patrick Madrid Show)

Buckle Up! The U.S. House of Representatives Approves Automatic Draft Registration for All Men Aged 18-26 💪

On The Patrick Madrid Show, Patrick shared some jaw-dropping news. The House just approved the annual defense policy bill, packing a massive $883.7 billion for national defense. But here’s the kicker – this bill includes a controversial amendment that will automatically register all men aged 18-26 for the draft. 😲

What’s New? This amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) shifts from voluntary to automatic registration. The bill passed with a 217-199 vote, with only three Republicans opposing. The Selective Service System pushed for this change, claiming not enough young men were signing up voluntarily.

Draft Details: All able-bodied males aged 18-26 will be automatically registered. Historically, registration has been mandatory but not strictly enforced, relying on voluntary sign-ups since 1980. Not registering could mean a hefty fine or jail time, though this was rarely enforced.

The Implications: In the event of war, these men could be drafted immediately. There’s a proposal to extend draft registration to women, but Patrick is totally against it, preferring voluntary enlistment for women.

A Throwback to the Past: Patrick shared his own experience signing up for Selective Service, noting how things have changed. He joked about how the government will go after you if you share the truth about gender, but there’s clearly been a lax enforcement of draft registration.

Final Thoughts: Patrick hopes the nation doesn’t have to resort to the draft, so it’s a reminder that we need to pray for peace!

What are your thoughts on the automatic draft registration?  💬🗣️


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