Are You Living Out God’s Plan for Marriage? (Marriage Unhindered)

Welcome to “Marriage Unhindered,” hosted by Doug Hinderer, an insightful marriage and family therapist. If you want to live your married life the way God intended—full of joy, love, and divine purpose—you’re in the right place!

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Learn, Don’t Just Listen: This show is all about sharing the latest science on happy marriages and what our faith teaches us about the sacred bond of matrimony. Think of it as a fun, educational journey, not therapy.

God’s Plan = True Happiness: Real happiness in marriage comes from aligning yourself with God’s divine plan. When you understand God’s will for your marriage, you’ll find a deeper, more fulfilling happiness.

⚔️ The Battle for Marriage ⚔️

Did you know Sister Lucia of Fatima predicted a big battle over marriage and family between Christ and Satan? Look around—marriage is under attack today. Satan’s game plan? Get us to focus on our spouse’s flaws, which can poison our relationship with negativity. You can participate in God’s holy plan for marriage by focusing on the blessings of your spouse!

🪨 Back to Genesis: God’s Design 🪨

We’re Made for Each Other: God created humans in His image, male and female, to reflect His love and community.

Why the Rib?: Eve was made from Adam’s rib, showing protection and companionship. The rib protects the heart and lungs—just like spouses should protect each other’s hearts and lives.

Stick Together: The idea of being “glued” to your spouse makes you think of a strong, unbreakable bond. Trying to separate what God has joined can cause serious harm.

💡 Key Takeaways 💡

Signifying the Trinity: Men and women are designed to complement each other, mirroring the Holy Trinity’s community of love.

Protect and Love: Husbands should protect their wives’ hearts and lives, striving for a loving and supportive partnership.

Side by Side: Marriage is a journey taken side by side, with mutual respect and cooperation.


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