Live at The Shrine of Christ’s Passion (Family Rosary Across America)

Welcome to a truly spectacular episode of Family Rosary Across America, where Fr. Rocky is joined by Bishop Robert McClory of Gary, IN at the Shrine of Christ’s Passion.

The atmosphere is electrifying as thousands of faithful gather under a clear, sunny sky. At the heart of this evening, Jesus is present in the Most Holy Eucharist as they pray.

A Special Guest: Bishop Robert McClory 🌟

Bishop McClory shares intentions:

-For the benefactors of the Shrine of Christ’s Passion.

-Comfort for Michelle and Mary as they prepare to meet the Lord.

-Renewal in faith and belief in the real presence of Jesus in Northwest Indiana.

Prayer Intentions from the Congregation 🙏

Beatrice, 8 years old, prays for her late father, who passed away when she was 5.

Mary Grace Elizabeth Geyer, dressed in patriotic colors, prays for all Catholic homeschoolers and those who have strayed from the Church to return.

Danielle from Santa Clara, CA, a dedicated pilgrim on the Marian Pilgrim route, lifts up thousands of prayer intentions gathered on her journey.

As the event unfolds, the spirit of community and faith is palpable. The evening culminates in excitement for the upcoming Eucharistic Congress in Indianapolis.

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