“Which One of Your Kids Would You Send Back?” The Heartfelt Truth About Large Catholic Families 🚼❤️ (Father Simon Says)

Johnathan from Chicago, juggling the expectations of having eight kids with his wife pregnant with their ninth, poses a question that many Catholic couples grapple with. Maybe you can relate!

Johnathan’s Dilemma: With eight children and another on the way, Johnathan wonders about the balance between the Church’s call to be open to life and the real-life challenges of raising a large family. How can one navigate this profound yet demanding path?

Fr. Simon’s Personal Reflection:

Family Stories that Resonate: Fr. Simon, the youngest of seven siblings, recalls a poignant memory of his mother being asked why she had so many children. Her response? “Which one do you want me to send back?” As the youngest, Fr. Simon knew it could have been him. This story isn’t just nostalgic; it’s a testament to the irreplaceable value of each child.

The Deep Richness of Family Life: Yes, having many kids is tough and can strain finances, but Fr. Simon passionately argues that the joy and richness they bring far surpass material wealth. It’s about the laughter, the chaos, the support system that only a big family can offer. Fr. Simon reminisces about family gatherings, where the adults talked stocks, and the kids played in the basement – a microcosm of a vibrant, loving household.

Combating Modern Loneliness: Fr. Simon points out that today’s epidemic of loneliness, especially among young people, is a symptom of smaller families and weaker family bonds. When you have a large family, you’re never truly alone. There’s always someone to turn to, to share joys and sorrows with.

Natural Family Planning (NFP): While the Church calls for openness to life, Fr. Simon explains that there are responsible ways to space children if properly discerned, through NFP. NFP is about understanding and respecting the natural rhythms of life and love.

The Divine Purpose of Marriage: Fr. Simon reminds us that marriage’s first purpose is to be fruitful and multiply, creating a stable and loving environment for children.

Embracing God’s Love through Children: Rejecting children, Fr. Simon warns, is akin to rejecting God’s gifts. By welcoming children, we participate in God’s creative work, experiencing His love in profound ways. To say no to children is to say no to the fullness of life that God intends for us.

A Dose of Reality: Fr. Simon doesn’t shy away from the reality – raising a large family is tough, filled with financial strain and sleepless nights. But he encourages parents to see beyond the struggles, to the immeasurable joy and love that each child brings. It’s about building a legacy of faith, love, and togetherness that money can’t buy.

Final Thoughts

Fr. Simon’s heartfelt reflections remind us that being open to life, despite its challenges, is a journey filled with divine blessings. For Johnathan and other parents, the message is clear: embrace the chaos, the joy, and the love that come with each new life. Your family is a precious gift, a living testament to God’s boundless love and creativity. 🕊️✨

Remember: In the midst of diapers, school runs, and late-night feedings, you’re building a foundation of love and faith that will last for generations. Embrace every moment, for it’s in these moments that we truly find the richness of life. 💖

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