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  • Mobile App Platform

    The Relevant Radio App has been downloaded more than any other Catholic app. Averaging 215,000+ impressions a week, your ad can get noticed.
  • Website Platform

    The Relevant Radio website is serving up almost a million page views per month! Advertisements on this platform are seen approx. 60,000 per week!
  • Podcasting Platform

    Relevant Radio publishes more than 100 podcasts each week! Want to have your ad heard at the beginning of a specific podcast? We can arrange that.
  • Advertising on Relevant Radio is not an expense, rather our results prove we are making an investment with a partner who not only shares our Catholic Values but also shares our commitment to serving the greater Catholic community.

    Mark Walsworth, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Catholic Order of Foresters

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    Media with a Mission:

    Relevant Radio® assists the Church in the New Evangelization by providing relevant programming through media platforms to help people bridge the gap between faith and everyday life.

    When you invest in your organization by advertising on a Relevant Radio platform, you’re also investing in the largest Catholic Radio Network in the country. You’re telling your potential customers that you believe in faith, family and community – classic Catholic values!

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Why Radio

  • Radio is Everywhere

    Radio is on 24/7 and reaches 90% of persons 12+ each week. That’s over 277 million people. The U.S. Online Radio audience is about one out of three persons.
  • Radio is Expanding

    Radio is increasing content with streaming channels, HD radio, branded websites and podcasts.
  • Radio is Memorable

    Radio listeners are receptive to commercials. No time shifting, no below the fold and no load times. 2016 highlights 92% retention, 2011 highlights 93% retention and 2006 highlights 92% retention. They hear the commercials.

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