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Though Father Richard Simon jokingly refers to himself as “Father Know-It-All”, after listening to just one episode of Father Simon Says, you just might be convinced he truly does know it all.  Join Father as he opens each show with a thorough examination of the daily Scripture readings - helping us make connections between Old and New Testament and develop a better appreciation of God’s Word as we journey together through the liturgical year.  Consider it your daily bible study on the radio. Then Father Simon opens the phones and entertains your questions on a wide variety of topics.  In fact, Father Simon Says is the first of three consecutive hours when Relevant Radio gives you direct access to a Catholic priest to ask questions about your faith and the Church.   So join the conversation, ask, learn…and be sure to listen for Father’s Word of the Day to sharpen your vocabulary.  If you wish to grow in faith and become a smarter Catholic, then you should listen to what Father Simon Says! 


Fr. Richard T. Simon (aka “Reverend Know-It-All”) is the pastor at St. Lambert’s Parish in Skokie, IL. Fr. Richard Simon’s expertise is in apologetics with a concentration on the early Christians.