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Morning Air® with John Harper is designed to inform, inspire, and entertain you as your day gets started, all from a distinctly Catholic perspective. From coverage of breaking news stories and social issues to conversations about parenting and personal finances, we bring a balanced perspective rooted in the teachings of the Catholic Church. Whether it’s a live report from the first responders to a natural disaster, a conversation about bioethics, or parenting tips for the new millennium, you can count on lively discussions about things that matter to you as well as accurate information about the Catholic Church and Her teachings that you won’t hear anywhere else.

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August 18, 2017

Pam Patnode - The Power of Being Present

Deacon Steven Greydanus - Decent Film Reviews: Detroit

Fr. Joe DiMauro - The Canonization of Fr. Paul Wattson: The Founder of the Franciscan Friars of Atonement

Fr. Timothy Graff - Discussion of Cardinal Tobin's Statement on the Charlottesville Attack

Tommy Tighe - How Do You Teach Your Children Respect?

Dr. Jim Schroeder - What I Really, Really, Really Want For My Kids

Bishop Daniel Mueggenborg - A Look Ahead to Sunday's Gospel Reading

Christine Roe - God Has a Plan: Trust His Holistic Point of View


August 17, 2017

Fr. Tad Pacholczyk - Faith and Science: Options for Infertile Couples

Msgr. James Shea - The Importance of Examining the Past: Live from Germany

Danielle Heckenkamp - Ordinary Life, Extraordinary Vocation

Fr. James Kubicki - Weekly Reflections

Bill Ulivieri - Economy and Investing: Walking Towards Christ

Lydia LoCoco - Creating Calm in Our "Crazy Busy" Lives

Leo Battenhausen - Cyber Bullying


August 16, 2017

Dr. Gregory Bottaro - Catholic Mindfulness: Respect and Dignity for All

Joe Boland - Catholic Extension: Live from the U.S. Mexico Border

Ashley Noronha - News From Rome

Timothy O'Malley - Bored Again Catholic: How the Mass Can Save Your Life

Fr. Marcel Taillon - Catholic News and the Gospel of the Day

Dave Durand - Success and Leadership: The Leadership Side of Productivity

Danen Kane - Faith and Music: Flesh and Soul

Fr. Dennis Gill - Our Lady of Fatima

Rebekah Andrew - The Vocation of Motherhood


August 15, 2017

Bishop Edward Scharfenberger - An Intolerable Evil Was Witnessed in Charlottesville

Fr. Fred Gruber - Keeping Mary Close: Devotion to Our Lady Through the Ages

Rick Rotondi - Queen of Heaven: Mary's Battle for Souls

Fr. Richard Heilman - Answers Your Faith Questions

Steve Ray - The Assumption of Mary

Robert Morgan - Catholic Apologist: Our Navy Stationed in Guam

Mark Mastroianni - TechTuesday


August 14, 2017

Fr. Mike Crisostomo - Update From Guam

Dr. Joseph Capizzi - How to Avoid Conflict with North Korea

Patrick Madrid - A Catholic Examination of the Violence in Charlottesville

Fr. Burke Masters - Reflection on Sunday's Gospel and the Gospel of the Day

Emily Jaminet - Back to School, Back to Friendships

Homily Highlights - Bishop Thomas Olmsted, Bishop Paul Swain, Bishop Robert Reed, Fr. Marcel Taillon, Msgr. Robert Ritchie, Fr. Thomas Lynch, Fr. Mark Payne, Fr. Michael Greene, Fr. John Jankowski, and Fr. Kevin Regan

Sherry Weddell - Fruitful Discipleship


John Harper
started in broadcast media when he was 17 years old, and he is thrilled to now share his expertise in radio with the network that has helped him so much in his spiritual growth over the past several years. In addition to being a well-known name in radio and television broadcasting, John has made it a priority to give back to his community and has received several awards for his dedication to worthy causes. John was raised Catholic and is still an active member of his original childhood parish, Holy Name of Jesus Parish in Stamford, Connecticut.

Glen Lewerenz
is enjoying the best time of his 30-year radio career working on Morning Air. A native Minnesotan, Glen watches over the western outpost of Relevant Radio through his many studio windows in Minneapolis. In addition to practicing the accordion (very little), Glen enjoys sports, music and hanging out with his family.