In order to become a Digital Ambassador, we request that you sign the Social Media Guidelines below

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  • As we transition to Digital Parish Ambassadors, we ask that you please read and confirm the Social Media Guidelines below.

    Social Media Guidelines

    Relevant Radio® encourages the responsible use of social media by our volunteers and we appreciate our volunteers using social media to spread the word about our work. The purpose of this policy is to set out what Relevant Radio expects from our volunteers when using social media. It is important to remember that we are all ambassadors for our ministry and that social media is never private.

    General policy

    1. Relevant Radio (RR) values the conversations and contributions that arise from social media use. Always keep in mind your association with RR, use good judgment, and make sure your profile settings and content are consistent with how you wish to represent yourself personally and professionally.
    2. RR volunteers are encouraged to share content posted by RR on its website and other media outlets.
    3. Avoid publishing anything that is disrespectful, damaging or potentially embarrassing to an individual or organization.
    4. RR encourages open discussions and differing opinions; however, show consideration for others’ opinions and privacy and refrain from engaging in topics that may be considered objectionable, obscene or inflammatory.
    5. Always get permission prior to using the RR logo.
    6. RR may remove, or request the removal of, any posts/publications in conflict with this policy.