Create a Legacy of Faith

planned gift to Relevant Radio in your estate plan will bring you the comfort of knowing you are:

  • Helping provide for your family’s spiritual needs in the future.
  • Giving the Faith to future generations.
  • Ensuring that your assets will support a favorite charity.
  • Supporting other important causes and charities as promoted on air.
  • Helping us bring hope to souls while transforming the culture.
  • Ultimately impacting the spiritual lives of countless souls for generations to come.

Relevant Radio also offers you a FREE resource to easily make your will for absolutely no cost, while giving you the opportunity to include Relevant Radio in your estate plans.  Check it out!

If you are interested in including Relevant Radio in your estate plan, we’d love to hear from you!  In gratitude for your generosity, Relevant Radio will enroll you in its St. Nicholas Legacy Society.

If you have questions or would like to discuss the best way you can ensure your assets support Relevant Radio, please use the form below.

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When designating Relevant Radio in your estate plan, please refer to our legal business information as it appears below:

Beneficiary: Relevant Radio
Federal Tax ID: 39-2003067
Legal Name: Relevant Radio, Inc
Legal Address: 680 Barclay Blvd Lincolnshire, IL 60069
Toll Free Number: (877) 291-0123
planned gift is any major gift, made in lifetime or at death, as part of a donor’s overall financial and/or estate plan. There are many planned gift options, including bequests or gifts of equity, life insurance, real estate, personal property, or cash.

An estate plan is a person’s instructions on handling his/her legal assets and wishes after passing from this life or experiencing full disability or incapacitation.Since this planning process is personal in matter, we highly recommend you seek the guidance of a professional financial planner or advisor, estate planning attorney or accountant to determine the arrangements that best serve your financial needs and philanthropic goals.

“My husband and I included Relevant Radio in our estate plan because it is a spiritual oasis in anyone’s faith journey. There are programs that appeal to Catholics, non-Catholics, and people seeking to fill a void in their heart which can only be filled by God. We truly believe Relevant Radio can save souls.” ~ Denise