Harry Connick, Jr.: ‘I Am A Catholic, And I’m Proud Of That’

As a singer, songwriter, actor, American Idol judge, and daytime talk show host, Harry Connick, Jr. is one of Hollywood’s most versatile entertainers. But did you know he is also a Catholic? Recently, the host of the Emmy-nominated show Harry joined Joe Sikorra to discuss the intersection of faith, family, and show business. Below are some highlights of the interview:

On his daytime talk show…
I wanted to do a show, but I didn’t want it to be a typical talk show. I want to have my band there, and I want to do something that’s clean, that’s uplifting, something that makes people feel better about themselves, something that people can learn from.

I wanted to do a show where people wouldn’t have to hold their thumb over the mute button when their kids were in the room. We live in a time that, I think, is pretty complicated. It’s a divisive time, but there are so many good people, and we live in such a great country, that no matter what you believe, we have so much in common; which is why I didn’t want to get political on my show, I didn’t want to get super heavy. I just wanted to do something that was appropriate for the whole family and really high-quality entertainment. We were lucky to get 5 Emmy nominations in our second year, and I feel like we’re on to something and people are responding to it.

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On what inspires him to want to elevate people…
I was raised by two incredible parents, and I have a sister that I love very much. And they all set a very high standard. I love to entertain, and I don’t think that trying to do something good and entertainment are mutually exclusive. I think it’s possible to do exactly what I love to do, and try to do something that makes people feel better at the same time.

On being a Catholic in the public eye…
I am a Catholic, and I’m proud of that, but that’s not something I even talk about on the show. If somebody asks me about it I’m happy to talk about it. Or if somebody wants to talk about their faith I’m happy to talk about it on the show. But when I went in, I was very careful about how I wanted to present myself. And the last thing I want to do is come out there and preach. People go to church for that, and they go to people that are equipped and qualified to do that. And there are people who do it far better than I could ever do it. But what I wanted to do was try to put forth the things that I believe in, and try to lead and show people by example.

On what it’s like to be married and in the entertainment industry…
I’ve been married 23 years, and we have three beautiful daughters. I love to entertain, and I loved to entertain before I met Jill and since I’ve been with her she’s done nothing but support me. I always thought it was possible to be married, to be faithful, to have children and raise them with the same values I was raised with, and be an entertainer. I never understood why that couldn’t happen. I know plenty of entertainers who think like I do, and it’s been great.

On how he handles stress…
I do different thing. Invariably I pray, and just ask for guidance. I talk to my wife, I talk to my children, and I just try to keep things in context, which is easier said than done sometimes. … Most things are not insurmountable with some faith, and some prayer, and some good family around you.

Listen to the full interview below:


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