Adoption: A Loving, Life-Giving Option

The World Health Organization estimates that 40 to 50 million unborn children are aborted every year. And yet, there are nearly 2 million infertile couples in the United States alone who are actively trying to adopt a child. What can we do to bring these two groups of people together? And what are the challenges that we face in making adoption a positive choice for women in crisis pregnancies?

Kimberly Speirs, of the St. John Paul II Life Center in Austin, stops by A Closer Look™ to discuss the work that crisis pregnancy centers are doing to show adoption as a loving, life-giving option. Speirs offers the unique perspective she has gained from both listening to women with crisis pregnancies, and as a parent who has adopted a child. In this interview, she shares how far we have come as a society when it comes to adoption, and how far we have yet to go.