The Heartbreaking Case of Alfie Evans

Alfie Evans is a British toddler who has been in a Liverpool hospital since December 2016. He has a mysterious illness that doctors believe could be a rare neurodegenerative disease with no hope of recovery. Alfie’s parents want to seek alternative treatments, but the hospital has overruled their wishes and ordered the stop of all treatment, including Alfie’s mechanical ventilation.

Alfie’s parents have fought this order in the British courts, but have lost all their appeals and their parental rights to make medical decisions for their child.

This case has gained international attention, with Pope Francis advocating for Alfie and helping to arrange Italian citizenship for him. The Italian government has lined up a transportation plan that would allow Alfie to be moved to a Vatican hospital, but the British courts will not give Alfie’s parents custody to transfer him. Armed guards are stationed in the hospital to prevent Alfie from being moved.

Christine-Therese Broesamle is the founder of Solidarity House Network and she has been in Liverpool with Alfie Evans’ family for the last six months. She joined The Drew Mariani Show™ to give an update on Alfie and explain why this case has captured the world’s attention.

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