After 15 Years, This One Little Thing Brought Me Back to the Church

Small things can often make a big difference. Sometimes we may not even realize that we’re touching someone’s life – but God can use even the little things we do to touch a heart and change a life.

In fact, something as small as a bumper sticker can bring a fallen-away Catholic back into the Church. Shirley, a listener from Fallbrook, CA wrote in to Patrick Madrid to share how seeing a Relevant Radio® bumper sticker at just the right time changed the course of her life – and continues to make an impact even today. Shirley wrote:

Dear Patrick Madrid & Team,

I am so grateful for your show. I had been away from my Catholic roots for at least 15 years, and after my mom passed away this past June I started attending Sunday Mass. I felt the need to remind myself about Jesus, but I did not know where to start to learn.

That is when I saw the bumper sticker. Your show and the entire schedule have been part of my life since then. I listen to the radio at work every day. The timing was perfect. RCIA classes were about to start, and I was able to enroll.

It has been such a blessing, and definitely helps in mourning my mom’s passing. Anyway, may God bless you, your family, and your entire team. …  I’ll continue listening and learning.


Relevant Radio is making a difference in the lives of listeners every day. If you don’t already have a Relevant Radio bumper sticker, request one today to spread the word about our apostolate! You can also join in our mission by making a pledge to support our May Pledge Drive. Even something small can make a huge difference – so make a pledge today!

Listen to Patrick read Shirley’s letter below:

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