VIDEO: The world needs your love story

If you’ve ever been in love, you remember what those early days are like. Romantic gestures, butterflies in your stomach, and long, meaningful conversations where hours passed like minutes. You couldn’t wait to tell everyone about how wonderful this person was, and they were all you could think about.

But as your relationship grows, you grow comfortable, maybe even complacent. You may forget what those early days were like and just go through the motions of your relationship. The same thing can happen in our relationship with Christ. In his homily today at Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis warned against forgetting our personal encounters with the Lord when he said:

“When we encounter ‘forgetful’ Christians, we can immediately see that they have lost the flavor of Christian life. And have become people who obey the Commandments without spirituality.”

Watch the video for more from the Holy Father: