Hindu becomes Catholic after car wash turned station to Relevant Radio

The tiniest action can result in a meaningful encounter with someone. Who would have guessed that a car wash employee could convert a non-Christian woman to Catholicism without ever saying a single word? Thanks to your support of Catholic radio in the United States, this conversion story, as told by Patrick Madrid, was possible:

“I was speaking at one of our Elevate Conferences and this one, as I recall, was in Long Beach, Southern California. And this lovely lady … came up, and she said, ‘Hello, can I help out at your book table?’ I said sure, I appreciate that. So we exchanged names and such.

And she said, ‘The thing is, I’m not a Catholic.’

I said, ‘Really? What are you?’

She says, ‘I’m a Hindu … but I just found out about this program.’”

Madrid asked her how she found out about his show. “’Well, I brought my car into the car wash’—and you know how you wait out there in the hallway watching as your car goes through and it’s getting cleaned and all that? She says, ‘I’m waiting for the car to come out and when it’s all done and they give me my car back, I get in and the radio’s on and it’s been set to that Catholic radio station,’” said Madrid, recounting the story.

“She said, ‘I had never heard of this. I had never heard anything about it before.’ But whoever was vacuuming her car had put the radio on so when she gets in the car, she’s like, ‘Huh. What’s this?’ So she starts listening! And the way she describes it is she was hooked instantaneously—she couldn’t stop listening to it. Two weeks later, she’s attending our Elevate Conference as a HINDU! And she’s loving it and over the next couple of years I stayed in touch with her.

Her name is Aneesha, by the way, I don’t think she would mind if I said her name because she’s a friend of Relevant Radio and a dear lady, I’ve met her and her husband several times. And she’s now a Catholic. She came into the Catholic Church and she’s going strong. And it all happened because somebody had the presence of mind to put the radio in her car, in a carwash on [Relevant Radio].”

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Lindsey is a wife, mother, and contributing author at Relevant Radio. She holds a degree in Journalism and Advertising from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Lindsey enjoys writing, baking, and liturgical living with her young family.