The meal that keeps on giving

A Thanksgiving feast is truly the meal that keeps on giving. Do you find yourself with too many leftovers? Matt and Eileen Beardsley found themselves in this situation.

Matt is Operations Manager for the New York/New Jersey Relevant Radio® stations, and a producer for Morning Air®. His wife, Eileen, works for the Archdiocese of Newark and is head of Special Education Services.

“My wife always makes way too much food,” said Matt. “And after securing a good week of leftovers for myself and her family, we realized that this food must not be wasted or thrown away as so much is being wasted as we speak across the country.”

“We made seven meals for the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and we are going to give these out to some of the less fortunate and hungry people that are around the Newark Chancery/Relevant Radio studio.”

Matt and Eileen packed the meals in to-go packs that were leftovers from their wedding. They attached a Rosary, a prayer card and a Relevant Radio app card on the packs with an inscription: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 

What a great example follow!  You could also consider offering some of your leftovers it to an elderly friend or neighbor.  Your local food bank might welcome your unopened store-bought holiday food (canned cranberries, beans, pies, etc). Most food banks require food donations to be nonperishable items.

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” – Saint Mother Teresa