The Memorare and the snow angel

Mary, a Relevant Radio listener from Maine, shared with us her amazing story of being stuck in the snow and what happened when she prayed the Memorare:

Drew and Staff,

I wanted to share what happened to me last night as I was driving in a snow storm, stuck on a high hill, trying to get home….and tuning into the show…..for the 100,000,000 Memorare. Here is my journal entry about what happened. (I’m a young mother of four children and we live in the rural hills of Maine. My husband’s name is Ryan.)

I am documenting this event so I never forget what happened to me last night (Tuesday November 20, 2018).

We had a snow storm yesterday. Ryan got out of work early and came home to snowblow the driveway so I could take the van to my physical therapy appointment for 5pm. It takes about 20 minutes to get there on a good day. I left the house thinking I would get to physical therapy early (I even brought my book so I could sit and read!).

We live on top of a high hill that is very treacherous in the winter. On my drive down the hill I noticed how thick the road was becoming with snow. The plow truck needed to get up the hill or else I wouldn’t be able to make it up on my return trip. The further I drove down the hill the more I realized how dangerous the trip would be. I decided to get to the main route road and reassess the conditions. The more I drove, the worse the conditions became because of the quickly darkening light. I needed to call and cancel my PT appointment and turn around. How would I make it back up the hill?!

After a rough turn around in town at the local “look out” (where you can park your car and gaze at the hills where we live) I started to pray. As I approached our hill I realized the plow truck had NOT returned in the last 15 minutes since I had ventured out. I cranked up Relevant radio and continued to slowly drive along the road home.

(Since the beginning of the year we have been praying the Memorare to reach 100,000,000 prayers to end abortion. The kids and I have participated in this every day we are in the van out driving. It’s just become habit to us to pray along with Fr. Rocky.)

It just so happened that as I was I creeping along on the slippery road up our hill, Fr. Rocky and Drew (host) were going to pray the 100,000,000 Memorare. NO JOKE. I was *stunned*. How I could I possibly be in the van at the moment of the 100,000,000 Memorare?! And, how beautiful and needed this prayer was in my life AT THIS MOMENT. Before the actual prayer took place the host was reminding us listeners about how powerful this prayer is, telling us about how this prayer is to be prayed in moments of fear, in moments of trouble, in moments of disaster. Here I am, slipping about on the hill in my van and this is what I am hearing.

Van in snowstorm

I started to just pray the Memorare on my own. I said it once and also asked St. Micheal to intercede. The van was starting to really slip and lose traction going up the hill. I said it twice and my van was really slowing down. I prayed three times and thought, “Wouldn’t this be a beautiful miracle if I actually got the van up the hill because Our Lady interceded for me?” But the van stopped. It was stuck on the incline in the middle of the road. I couldn’t even pull over to park it and walk the half mile home in the snow. At every chance I revived the engine and swerved the van back and forth, creeping up ever so slowly. It just wouldn’t make it. It was too stuck and I had too much incline to cover. The steepest part of the hill was yet to come!

I called my husband and told him I was stuck. While on the phone I realized another driver was coming up the hill. It was a pickup truck with a man and woman inside. She rolled down her window and they asked me if I was ok. I told the couple that I lived right up over the hlll and that I was on the phone with my husband (and four tiny boys at home) and we were figuring out a plan. (This pick up truck had a plow attached. Why they did not plow in front of me to help me get moving, I do not know.) The woman told me, “Yeah you’re definitely stuck. I could tell you were swerving all over the road.” They drove away. Ryan decided to get all of the boys secure and safe at home and he’d come down the hill to get me in his truck. I figured we could at least find a way to get the van to the side of the road, park it, and come back tomorrow.

We hang up the phone and at that moment the radio hosts tell us that it is NOW the 100,000,000 Memorare! Drew, the host, said, “We are going to pray this prayer for anyone out there traveling who wants to get home safe to their families.” WHAT?!! That’s me!!

We started praying it. The thought entered my mind as I was praying, “Wouldn’t this be beautiful if my van was able to be pushed up the rest of the hill to get home?!”

Near the end of the Memorare I noticed what I thought was the shadow of a bird crossing over my headlights (could have just been the snowflakes, by the way) and I realized “That can’t be a bird. It’s a snow storm. What if it’s an angel coming to push me out?!”


We said AMEN.

And my van just moved. It moved as if someone was behind it pushing it up the rest of the way of the hill.

I burst into tears and just cried out in awe.

I passed my husband on the top of the hill, with my flashers and my headlights ablaze, flashing. I pulled into the driveway in tears.

Later on, when I got home, I went through the mail Ryan had brought inside earlier. In the mail was an envelope with a holy card of Our Lady of Lourdes. The sender? “Our Lady of the Snows.”

Join Mary and add your your Memorares to the Memorare Meter. We’re marching on to 200 Million Memorares!