Finding freedom in a selfish culture – Exodus 90

Exodus 90 is a 90-day spiritual program for Christian men that’s all about finding freedom in a culture that addicts, enslaves, and teaches us to be all about ourselves. The 90 days are meant to give the brain a chance to rewire itself into new and better habits and break free from unhealthy ones. It seeks to renew the Church by preparing men to be more involved and better leaders in their families, parishes, and communities.

“I think there are over 6,000 men in the country doing Exodus 90 right now. One of the most powerful things for me in the first two weeks has been giving up television, and not that I watched a lot, but I didn’t even watch the Super Bowl [on Sunday] which is a good sacrifice for me. And only using my cell phone for necessary communication, I found that just that alone has been so freeing for me to have more time to pray, more time to be with friends. And I do think that technology and the easy ways of communication, as they say, we’re the most connected generation ever but also the most lonely because we haven’t made those true connections on a deep human personal level,” explained Fr. Burke Masters, regular contributor to Morning Air® on Relevant Radio®.

In Exodus 90, men join small groups that meet on a weekly basis, where they find community and support through the journey. They also commit to an increased prayer life, study the book of Exodus, and practice asceticism/self-denial. According to the website, this includes: cold-lukewarm/short showers; no alcohol; no desserts & sweets; no eating between meals; no soda or sweetened drinks; no television or movies; only music that lifts the soul to God; no televised sports; computer for work/school only; regular and intense exercise; group holy hour & meetings; no major material purchases; and seven hours of sleep each night is essential.

Exodus 90 is a challenging process, but it’s not about guilt or discouragement. “Sometimes if we maybe fail in one of our areas of fasting or something we feel shame or guilt, and that’s not the voice of God. The purpose of this always is union with God. And even if you’re not doing Exodus 90, the encouragement is just step up your prayer life. One of the keys of Exodus 90 is they encourage 20-60 minutes of prayer every day and I think that’s the most important. And … if you just did that over the next 90 days, commit to 20-60 minutes of personal prayer and meditation every day, it will transform your lives because you’re opening yourself up to God’s will and God’s grace,” said Fr. Masters.

Lindsey is a wife, mother, and contributing author at Relevant Radio. She holds a degree in Journalism and Advertising from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Lindsey enjoys writing, baking, and liturgical living with her young family.