St. Francis de Sales and Bad Credit in China on St. Joseph’s Workshop, Feb. 21, 2019

Today’s show is an encore from January 24, 2019

  • We share in common values that span history. We can look back at a saint from 500 years ago, and we embrace their values. Father features Saint Francis de Sales, today is his feast day. Father talks about how he became to be the doctor to the Church that he was.  At the young age of 35 years old he became a bishop. It is his style that has impacted the world, he was known as a strong man. He was also known as a very gentle person. Father talk about correction without anger is more effective.
  • Father shares some quotes from Saint Francis de Sales. He also offers an explanation and his perspective on these quotes. “We must not fear fear”. Father talks about problems that come up in confession. The struggle to be perfect was a thought that Saint Francis de Sales had. “We must suffer imperfection for perfection”.
  • In China, there is a social credit system. This system is spread through all levels of government. There are scores applied to someone’s values, compared to the rest of society. In one town everyone starts with 1 thousand points, your decisions affect your points inside of your local town. The scary thing is that china is releasing an app that allows you to show you people who are near you who have a bad credit situation.  . .
  • How easy it is for us to forget the fact that Jesus loves us. A virtue needs to be developed to witness to Jesus in public places. Do not fear being identified with the Church. Father discusses Mark 3:7 verse 11 and 12. We should be willing always to stand up for our Faith.