The Power of a Bumper Sticker

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Sometimes he reaches people through big, dramatic gestures. But other times He uses something as small as a bumper sticker to draw a person to Himself. That was the case for a listener named Ron who shared his story of how he began listening to Relevant Radio®.

Setting the scene, Ron said, “Driving to work about 16 miles. Still dark. Got gas. Saw a bumper sticker 1250 AM Catholic Radio. Thought I’d check it out. Heck, I wasn’t doing anything else.”

But little did Ron know that this one small act would have a big impact on his life. He said, “By the time I got to work, my workers were waiting for me to get out of my truck. I was waiting for a particular segment to finish before I got out. From that point forward, I realized I hit the bulls-eye. From that point forward 9 years ago, Catholic Radio is forever on.”

Ron shared that listening to Relevant Radio has been a great blessing in his life, and pointed out that he recently found himself in a discussion with the person at the drive-through window about a book of Catholic prayers he was reading.

“Who would have thought I would have made a life changer like that? Shocked a lot of people. You see, I was a drinking, smoking weed sinner. Now I’m just a sinner!”

If you already have a Relevant Radio bumper sticker on your car – thank you! You are making a difference in lives of listeners like Ron. If you don’t have a Relevant Radio bumper sticker, request one today! 

If Relevant Radio has made an impact in your life, consider supporting our mission by making a pledge during our Give Hope Pledge Drive. Every dollar counts, so make your pledge today!