Thank You Paul and Carole Hinkle, Our Volunteers of the Month!

During the Relevant Radio® quarterly pledge drives, we rely on volunteers who selflessly give of their time to answer the phones and take pledges in our offices. Without the help of these volunteers, it would be nearly impossible to take all the calls from listeners across the country who wish to pledge their support to Relevant Radio.  Over the past few years Paul & Carole Hinkle have been some of our most dedicated pledge drive volunteers, coming in each day for 24 consecutive pledge drives! Their generosity and commitment are why they are our Volunteers of the Month!

Paul & Carole are a delight every time they walk into our California office for a pledge drive. They come each and every day, and even bring homemade treats for the staff and other volunteers!

Sharing why they volunteer for Relevant Radio during our quarterly pledge drives, they said, “We believe that national Relevant Radio spreads the Good News of Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Catholic Faith, and is very important for the radio listeners, including fallen-away Catholics and non-Catholics. Relevant Radio has brought inactive Catholics and non-Catholics home because of its radio programs. As Relevant Radio volunteers and monthly financial contributors, we can’t think of a better way for us to help in bringing radio listeners back to the teachings of Jesus Christ.”

Thank you Paul and Carole, and all our volunteers, for all you do! Find out how you can volunteer for Relevant Radio, and if you don’t live close to a Relevant Radio office to help with pledge drives, consider becoming a Parish Ambassador in your very own community!