Letter from a Parish Ambassador

Do you love Relevant Radio®? Do you wish that your family, friends, and local Catholic community knew about your favorite Catholic radio programs? Relevant Radio Ambassadors are doing great work to spread the word about Relevant Radio in parishes, schools, and ministries across the country. One Parish Ambassador shared this beautiful testimonial with her parish community, and we want to share it with you.

My name is Lori and I’ve recently become a parish ambassador for Relevant Radio®, which is a fantastic Catholic radio station that broadcasts nationwide and may be heard on the radio, live via the free Relevant Radio App or online at RelevantRadio.com. Before I ask you to tune into the station, I thought it appropriate to tell you a little bit about myself and the impact listening to Relevant Radio has had on me.

I’ve been attending St. Martins of Tours for over 11 years. When I started attending, I was still a faithful Protestant. I began coming to church with my now husband, Chris, a cradle Catholic, who had been attending SMT for 10 or so years before I began joining him. I had all the doubts about Catholicism that I’m sure you’re familiar with if you have Protestant friends (I won’t go into them here, but you know the ones).

In order to get married in the Catholic Church (at St. Martins), I had to agree that we would raise any children we had in the Catholic faith. I said that I would and took that oath seriously, even though I had reservations about the faith. Making that promise, I decided I would enter RCIA class with Fr. Donie, only for the purpose of becoming familiar with the precepts of the faith in which I had agreed to raise any kids we’d have. It didn’t hurt that Chris had said he’d take the class with me if I agreed to do it.

I took the class and by the end, I had been entirely won over into the faith and entered the Church.

Fast forward, many years later, a mom, commuting in Los Angeles and finding myself in the car a lot, I was told about a Catholic radio station. I started listening to it and about a year later, it became Relevant Radio. Listening to the programs on Relevant Radio has deepened my understanding of what it truly means to be Catholic, the beauty of the sacraments and what the faith has to offer. The station, through its programming, has done so much to grow my faith in just a few short years and inspires me daily to delve more deeply into the full treasure of the one and only true church Jesus established.

It is with so much pleasure and gratitude that I decided to reach out to the station and inquire about becoming an ambassador. As an ambassador I’m here to provide information about the programs on the station, to serve as a liaison between the station and the parish and to offer bumper stickers and other ways parishioners can evangelize to others, while at the same time bringing themselves and others deeper into their faith or fallen away Catholics back home. Shows like The Patrick Madrid Show, Go Ask Your FatherTM and Father Simon SaysTM offer Catholic apologetics and a forum for discussing questions about the teachings of and life in the church. The Drew Mariani ShowTM and A Closer LookTM with Sheila Liaugminas offer a Catholic perspective on faith matters as they play out in the culture and current events, to name just a few. Throughout the day there are prayers (including the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Family Rosary Across America®), the daily readings and information about the saints of the day. I encourage you to take a listen and be amazed by how much your faith and love for Jesus will flourish. They also have a free app that has become far and away the most used app on my phone.

Tune in to Relevant Radio and be inspired!

With love in Christ,

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Lindsey is a wife, mother, and contributing author at Relevant Radio. She holds a degree in Journalism and Advertising from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Lindsey enjoys writing, baking, and liturgical living with her young family.