Thousands Participate in Fast for Life on January 24

On Friday, January 24, Relevant Radio® is joined by thousands of individuals and families who signed up to participate in the 2020 #FastforLife. This initiative is an observance of prayer and fasting in solidarity with the March for Life and pro-life movement.

#FastforLife is a way for those who can’t attend today’s events in Washington D.C to participate in the pro-life movement from home, work, or wherever they are. Over the past few years, #FastforLife has grown into a worldwide initiative, with participants from all 50 states and many foreign countries. How beautiful that support for the most vulnerable members of society—the unborn, elderly, sick or disabled, etc.—truly spans the globe.

Tune in to Relevant Radio throughout the day on January 24 for live coverage of the March for Life from our correspondents in Washington D.C. We’ll feature live broadcasts on the air and on the Relevant Radio Facebook page. These special broadcasts are sponsored by Solidarity HealthShare.

If you’d like to join #FastforLife, it’s not too late! You will find more information and a form to sign up here:

Nun joins pro-lifers at a Pro Life marchThese are just a few of the participants and how they’re observing #FastforLife today:

Rebecca from Wisconsin: I’m going to fast from complaining for the day, and also try to be cheerful.

Paul from California: I will be praying at the Planned Parenthood facility in Pomona, CA. Our group attends Mass, feeds homeless people, and then we say the rosary at the abortion clinic every Friday (the only day they perform abortions). God be praised, Mother Mary intercede on behalf of the unborn!

Martine from Melbourne, Australia: Friday Fasting by Eating only 2 snacks of fruit all day, and one meatless meal for dinner in the evening

Jesse from Los Angeles, CA: I’ll be doing a rosary prayer also I’ll be fasting for 24hrs with no food. Just water and tea I’ve done this fasting before on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday!

Zachary from Kansas: I’ll be fasting in the morning and going to Eucharistic Adoration at noon.

Karen from Maine: While my son marches in Washington DC, I will be praying the rosary for the safety of all those who march.

Andrew from St Paul, MN: Fasting from lunch that day.

Deborah from Wisconsin: I am unable to fast from food, so I will only drink water on Friday.  Doesn’t really seem like much, but for me, it’s pretty huge! God Bless you all! Pax et Bonum!

Teresa from Texas: I am not eating between meals, zero snacking which is extremely difficult for me.  On Friday, I will pray a Memorare every hour.

Mindy from Montana: Eat only during an 8-hour period, no sugar, nothing indulgent! Pray the rosary for the safety of all marchers.

Kathleen from Pennsylvania: No diet sodas and no cookies!

Jeff from Texas: Offering up my cold showers from “Exodus 90” to end abortion and for the healing of all involved!

Peggy from Colorado: No Alcohol or sweets. God bless you all!

Robert from California: We will be travelling to Los Angeles for a softball tournament. I will not by coffee or eat lunch on our 7-hour drive.

Denise from Nevada: Fasting from sugar this week & cream in my coffee.

Emily: As a breastfeeding mom I can’t exactly fast from food so instead I have decided to fast from all television, social media and music and make the day a time of prayer in that silence, or as close to silence as you can get with three little ones!

Nicole: I’m going to fast from social media! And I’ll be listening throughout the day to Relevant Radio to keep up with true news of the walk. Thank you all for all you do! God bless :)

Bruce: I will be Fasting. 1 regular and 2 small meals. I wanted to go to DC this year for the MARCH FOR LIFE but I fell and crushed my plateau tibial bone, the tibia itself, and the tibia/femur bones, bruised my sternum, ribs, shoulder, bruised my face, huge bump on my head, …and, I think that covers it! LOL

Joseph: Today I will have several teeth pulled,  and I was thinking afterward I would have peanut butter,  but now I will not, also rather than one rosary, I’ll say two,  as well as a Memorare every hour unless I’m healing from extractions, but certainly Memorares will be said.  God bless all

Angela: I will not eat food during daylight hours. (we are celebrating my adopted son’s birth that night!)

Lindsey is a wife, mother, and contributing author at Relevant Radio. She holds a degree in Journalism and Advertising from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Lindsey enjoys writing, baking, and liturgical living with her young family.