Blind woman miraculously cured through this saint’s intercession

Dafne Gutierrez, a young mother from Arizona, completely lost her vision in both eyes to optic nerve damage. After visiting the relics of Saint Charbel at a local church, she experienced a healing that no doctors could explain. Dafne joined The Drew Mariani ShowTM to tell her story.

“I went blind, my right eye first and on November 14th I lost my left eye. Doctors told me that I was no longer going to be seeing and I had just gotten approved to go to a nursing home so they were looking for a place. My sister in law calls my husband and tells him that the relics of Saint Charbel were at St. Joseph’s Maronite Catholic Church. We didn’t know who St. Charbel was, and she took me … to the Church,” explained Dafne.

“Once we walked in there I said, I was begging for help … to get my vision back. I said, ‘If you don’t want to do it for me, fine, but do it for my kids.’ Because I have an 8 year old daughter, a 10 year old son, and an 11 year old son at home. And then she took me to touch the relics and she said, pray—pray that he will hear you. I heard so much about him that I had faith. Then … she took me to Confession.”

When Dafne returned home she felt exhausted and went to sleep. In the middle of the night, she says that she awoke to a sensation of burning in her eyes. She woke up her husband, who told her she didn’t have feeling in her eyes so it couldn’t be what she said. “I continued to have that burning sensation until I opened my eyes because it was so strong. And I didn’t see him clearly but I saw shadows and I knew it was my husband. So I told him, ‘I can see you—I not only see you with one eye but I see you with both of my eyes.’”

Today, Dafne can see with 20/20 vision and her headaches are gone.

Dr. Anne Borik, part of the team that examined Dafne’s case after her vision was restored, also joined The Drew Mariani Show to explain Dafne’s condition and the medical miracle that took place. “Dafne is thirty years old and has a history of what’s called Benign Intracranial Hypertension … it’s the high pressure in the brain that really affected the optic nerve and caused damage to the optic nerve where she lost her vision.”

“When you looked at the optic nerve, it looked damaged, and we have that documented in the medical record. After she woke up … she went to her ophthalmologist, they examined her and her optic disc was still very papilloedema-ish, atrophied, it appeared very sick, she still couldn’t count fingers. Forty-eight hours later, complete 20/20 vision. Her vision was restored and what’s amazing and what has never really been documented in the medical literature, is that her discs were back to a normal, healthy, pearly-appearing optic disc. That is really something that we can’t explain medically,” said Borik.

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