Finding Security in God – Reflections From Fr. Rocky

In these uncertain and unprecedented times for our nation, God and his Church are always there. Even when we can’t leave our homes to attend Mass or visit the Blessed Sacrament, we are not alone. On March 15, Relevant Radio® began a very special video and radio broadcast of the Holy Mass celebrated by Father Rocky each day at 1pm ET / 10am PT.

In his homily on Sunday, Father Rocky shared some words of wisdom and comfort for God’s people who are faced with this unexpected and difficult situation.

“So here we are, in this Third Week of Lent, and in the midst of all of our concerns for health and this coronavirus that is spreading around our country, we ask the question, ‘Can you ever be safe?’ And the answer to that is, ‘No. You can never be safe. But as children of God, you can always be secure.’ Airplanes crash with no notice. Car accidents happen. There are natural disasters. People get these sudden illnesses and they pass away or they suffer greatly. So the answer is because we are limited creatures, we are human beings, you can never be completely safe. But, if you realize that you are a child of God, you can always be secure in the knowledge of God’s love for you. That gives you security. But, the key there is to have a clean conscience, a clear conscience, to live in the state of grace,” said Fr. Rocky.

It’s difficult to find perspective when our lives have been put on hold. We’re being asked to sacrifice much more than we’re used to and it’s a shock for so many. But perhaps this is an opportunity to consider how these strange times might be calling us to go deeper in our faith and preparation for the life to come.

“To be saved, we have to believe in Jesus Christ and we have to be sorry for all of our sins, all of our mortal sins,” explained Fr. Rocky. “Hopefully, you’ll have the opportunity to go to Confession to a priest if you have a mortal sin on your soul. If you can’t find that opportunity, you can always make a perfect Act of Contrition, with the resolution that the next chance you get to go to a priest for Confession, you will do so. And that’s how you can be secure, knowing that you are a child of God, that God loves you, that God forgives you, and that He gives you grace.”

While you’re at home with your schedule cleared, take a little time to reflect on the situation we’ve been given. Fr. Rocky recommends that you pray in thanksgiving for this day. Just as Our Lady pondered on these things and reflected on them in her heart, we must also ponder these moments and ask that we might not remain the same after they have passed. With God’s grace, we will grow in faith, love, and charity, and be better people than when this all began.

Finally, he offers this prayer: “Lord, grant me the strength and the energy and the health to do what you want me to do for you today and for others. No more, no less.”

Tune in to watch the Holy Mass celebrated for all those affected by COVID-19 at 1pm ET / 10am PT every day on your local Relevant Radio station,, the free Relevant Radio app, and on Facebook LIVE. May God bless you and keep you safe.

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Lindsey is a wife, mother, and contributing author at Relevant Radio. She holds a degree in Journalism and Advertising from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Lindsey enjoys writing, baking, and liturgical living with her young family.