The Church is more active than ever in different ways, says Philly Archbishop

While we’re all tucked away in our little corners of the world, the Catholic Church is reaching out. During these times of isolation, the Church is seizing the opportunity to bring people together in new and creative ways. We may be physically separated, but our communities remain strong.

The Most Rev. Nelson Perez, the new Archbishop of Philadelphia, joined Morning Air to discuss why there might be opportunities and goodness to come out of what is an otherwise scary and difficult situation.

“This is an opportunity to use the platforms that the Lord has given us in modern times, like we’re doing right now through the airwaves and through social media. Because while maybe we can’t have right now the public celebration of Masses, that doesn’t mean the Church is closed down. The Church is in many ways more active than ever, in a different way,” he said.

Archbishop Perez complimented the priests and parishes in his diocese and across the country who have responded to the call to reach their communities in new and different ways and have creatively brought the Church’s sacraments and devotions to the people who are isolated at home.

Despite the difficulties we are facing during this time of social distancing and pandemic fears, this is an excellent time for the Church to minister to those in need and even those who have fallen away from their Catholic faith! Archbishop Perez said, “In my little family and group of friends, people that generally have not been going to church, well guess what they’re doing every Sunday? They’re going to church, watching the celebration of the Eucharist!”

There is beauty, hope, and goodness to be found even when our routines our disrupted and our lives have been forever changed.

“God’s ways are not our ways, his thoughts are not our thoughts. But they’re always better. I can only trust and hope that in and through all of this, great good will also come. That was what Paul discovered, right? All things work for the good of those who love God,” explained Archbishop Perez.

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