Day 6: Mother of Mercy, Pray for Us


This is one of the newest titles of Our Lady in the Litany, and was just added by papal decree on June 20 of 2020.  But the title “Mother of Mercy” has been around forever, or at least since the early middle ages.  In fact, “Mother of Mercy” is the second phrase of the Salve Regina or “Hail Holy Queen.”  You’ll recognize it immediately.  Listen:  “Hail Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope.”

It seems very fitting to me that Pope Francis added this title right after the one St. John Paul the Great added – Mother of the Church –  because the extraordinary pontificate of that Polish pope was about God’s mercy. In fact, he established a big feast day for the entire Church for the Sunday after Easter. That’s Divine Mercy Sunday, and St. John Paul II died in the Vespers of the day, and every day we pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy on-air.

Mother of Mercy, pray for our Church and our nation.

On Sundays we pray the Glorious Mysteries.

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Rev. Francis J. Hoffman, "Fr. Rocky" is the Executive Director/CEO of Relevant Radio and a priest of Opus Dei.