Justice Ginsburg Dies – What’s Next?  With Michael Knowles 

  • Are we seeing the degeneration of the human person through COVID19 quarantine: stillbirths up 50%.
  • Zoom table read reunion of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston has everyone talking! What’s the world craving? All these years later, why are fans still hoping for Brad & Jen?
  • Guest, Michael Knowles, The Daily Wire: farewell California, moving to Nashville. Kanye West in the news, interesting how he’s labeled “crazy” when he talks abortion, modesty, and chastity. Born free or a slave to our sins? Liberty: the freedom to do what we ought. Kanye understands where freedom comes from!
  • Prioritizing faith over politics: what the culture worships will become their politics. How keeping calm is the best first step in a conversation to win hearts and change minds. How to not let politics get in the way of friendships.
  • Timmerie and Michael Knowles discuss breaking news of the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg – what’s next for America, the Supreme Court, and the election?