Multitasking & Cheat Proofing Your Relationship 9.3.20

  • When does multitasking become a detriment for the family? Tips for maintaining intentional quality time, and setting goals.
  • Guest, Cristina Pineda, Matchmakers in the City: how to avoid cheating & adultery; no one is immune to temptation or above the Lord’s law.
  • Tips for dating in quarantine, and meeting single Catholics! Is it ok to get married young? Is it ever too late to be married in the Catholic Church? Should a person stay open to marriage if they are discerning consecrated religious life? Importance of faith in dating and marriage. How to date a man who is from out of the area and he asks you to plan the date. How much of your faith should you share, and at what point in your relationship? What’s the difference between courtship and marriage?
  • The indissoluble, human-centered nature of marriage and why monogamy and faithfulness is important for physical, emotional, and spiritual health.