The Inner Life Sept. 30th-Meekness

Blessed are the Meek  What does it mean to be meek? Does this mean being timid and a pushover? Why would Jesus want us to do that? Why is being meek a Beatitude? What are some obstacles in our culture to being meek? (Pride, being aggressive, being demanding with little patience, etc.) How can we avoid these pitfalls? What did Jesus say about being meek? (Mt 11:29) Why is this important in our lives as Christians?  Bishop Bill Wack from the Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee talks about Meekness

Caller Question:  What is the Difference between Fear and Meekness?

Caller Story: That maybe he is meek considering how he has lived his life even when his life goes a different direction and also about meeting a stranger and giving clothes to him.

Caller Story:  About how she took a box of produce and leading it to finding a name tag.