The Inner Life September 14th – Scruples

Scruples. What is scruples? Is scrupulosity a bad thing? How can we overcome being scrupulous? Father Daniel Schuster joins Chuck Neff to discuss scruples.

Chuck shares an email question about Scrupulosity which spurred today’s topic.

Caller Story-Shares how he was told scrupulosity was a cross he was to carry and that he also suffers from OCD.

Caller Story-Had this image of God as a Judge, and that she had a tough time going to confession with her scrupulosity and that she came to terms with God’s love and mercy.

Caller Story-Shares how praying a Daily Rosary and having a regular brief confession helps her scrupulosity.

Caller Story-A Religious Sister shares how she struggled with scrupulosity after she came back to the Church and that a priest said to her that she sounded arrogant because she wouldn’t forgive herself and that really opened her eyes.

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