Why sex belongs in marriage.

  • Calling all intimate questions! How to understand and appreciate the gift of sexuality and intimacy with a well formed Catholic conscience. 
  • Why sex belongs in marriage.
  • Questions from listeners: IG Angela: Age 40+ is there a cutoff that makes having children irresponsible?  IG Myra: Can you cover a little about long distance relationships and when either person visits trying to practice purity by finding a place for him when he comes to visit or vise versa
  • Guest, Leila Miller Raising Chaste Catholic Men :Have we trained men out of manhood?  It’s easy to subvert the masculine identity.  Are we better off for it? Do video games help or harm masculinity?
  • How parents can help boys grow up to be protectors, providers and heroes; how husbands must advocate for masculine nature of sons. Do women belong in combat?