The Inner Life Oct. 1st-Distractions During Prayer

Distractions During Prayer – What are some common distractions you hear about or have experienced during prayer? Are they always external distractions, or are they sometimes internal distractions? How does the devil try to distract us during prayer? Is getting distracted during prayer a sin? Are distractions during prayer normal? What are some different ways we can deal with distractions? How can we use distractions to lead us closer to God? How can we minimalize distractions during prayer? What are some ways that you use or have heard of to focus your prayer?  Fr. David Neuschwander helps us how to deal with distractions during prayer

Caller Story:  Caller shares how when distracted during prayer, she brings all those things in a basket and gives it to her guardian angel

Caller Story:  Caller asks for the Holy Spirit to come to help her not be distracted during the rosary.

Caller Story:  Caller shares how she takes a deep breath and says sorry to God when she’s distracted during prayer.

Caller Story: Caller shares what St. Teresa of Avila did to combat distractions in prayer.