The Inner Life October 22nd – The Rosary

The Rosary. Why do we pray the rosary? How did we get the rosary as a prayer? Are we as Catholics required to pray the rosary? Father Eric Nielsen joins Chuck Neff to discuss the rosary and why we pray it.

Caller Story – Shares how she prays the rosary with people at Planned Parenthood.

Caller Question – What is a patriotic rosary?

Caller Story – She saw a man pray the rosary every day on the bus, which inspired her to start praying the rosary.

Caller Story – Shares his earliest memory of the rosary was from his Polish grandmother. She inspired him to pray it later in his life.

Caller Story – Started praying the rosary after he got laid off from work. He got a better job not too long after.

Caller Story – Praying the rosary transformed her relationship with the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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