The Inner Life October 6th – Post Abortive Healing

Post Abortive Healing. How can those who have been impacted by the pain of abortion find healing? How can we help others to know that God in his infinite mercy, forgive and heal those affected by abortion? Father Ben Cameron joins Chuck Neff to discuss the healing power of God.


Caller Story – She had an abortion at 17, and thought she was being merciful to the child. She later converted to Catholicism and found love and forgiveness with God through confession.

Caller Story – Shares how she had an abortion when she was in her early 20’s. Shares how Mary helped her in the healing process.

Caller Story – Shares from the male perspective the impact abortion had on his life.

Caller Story – When she needed support when she was pregnant, she didn’t have any. Found help and support from Rachel’s Hope.