Yoga, Virtue, and Relativism

There might be times when parts of other religions are attractive to us. Is it ok to pick and choose elements from other religions, like Yoga and Buddhism, and incorporate them into Catholicism? How do we grow in virtue and overcome bad habits?  Timmerie breaks down the cardinal virtues: prudence, temperance, justice, and fortitude and why they’re the pillars for living a Christian life.  You’ll learn the seven capital virtues and their opposing vices – the seven deadly sins.  What is meekness?   Also discussed during today’s episode:  “Do we want abortion to be safe, legal, and rare?”  Is masculinity a good thing?

Timmerie works as a radio host and Catholic speaker educating in areas of theology and is an expert at responding to current trends of sexuality, feminism, and gender ideology. She hosts Trending with Timmerie on Relevant Radio. She holds a Masters Degree in Biblical Theology and Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Media with an emphasis in the New Evangelization from John Paul the Great Catholic University.