Finding Strength in the Storm

St. Francis de Sales once said, “We shall steer safely through every storm, so long as our heart is right, our intention fervent, our courage steadfast, and our trust fixed on God.” It seems like 2020 has been one big, long storm. How have you been steering through it?

While many media outlets are using the unrest and uncertainty of this year to stoke outrage and fear, our listeners have told us that they have found peace and strength in the storm thanks to the programs on Relevant Radio®.

In a polarized media landscape, just keeping up to date on the latest news can be disorienting. It’s hard to know what’s true, what’s not, and how we should approach current events through the lens of our Catholic faith. A listener named Mike called-in to The Patrick Madrid Show to share how Relevant Radio has been a godsend to him during this time.

He told Patrick, “There’s no more civil discourse anymore. That’s what we’ve learned in these last few years. Things are so polarized that there are very few places where you can get a balanced viewpoint.”

“You and Drew Mariani, how you read what’s going on in the public discourse, I always encourage my friends and family members to tune-in to you and Drew. Because there are very few sources of information that can be filtered through a Catholic lens, I really appreciate what you and Relevant Radio do. Don’t get discouraged keep on fighting the good fight.”

While many media outlets encourage division and demonizing others, Relevant Radio offers a Catholic perspective, one that encourages listeners to love God and neighbor each day. A listener named Daniel shared with Patrick how Relevant Radio is not only challenging him to grow but helping him strengthen his relationships as well.

He said, “I’ve been listening to you for three years, and listening to you sometimes makes me uncomfortable, but in a good way. It makes me realize that I need to change something in my life. And I think the importance of your radio is to make people uncomfortable with whatever they are doing in their life that needs to change. What you’re doing is great. You’ve changed my life in so many different ways.”

“My wife has been listening to you for the last year, and we always go out to eat, and then we always comment on whatever you said on the radio,” Daniel said. “We always say, ‘Hey guess what! I heard from Patrick Madrid…’ It’s so amazing to share that with my wife and with my kids. It’s so amazing what you’re doing.”

In a time of social distancing, one caller named Leonardo pointed out that Relevant Radio is something that has brought his loved ones together and closer to Christ and His Church.

He told Patrick, “Your show is great. You talk about a lot of different topics in a beautiful way. By the way, a lot of people in my life, for some reason lately, have returned to the Catholic faith. They listen to Relevant Radio and they donate.”

“I can’t go back to regular talk radio, to be honest with you,” he said. “Because when I listen to it for five or ten minutes I can’t take the hate and the horrible things they talk about. So keep doing what you’re doing. I donate now, and every chance I get I send people the link to the app.”

Has Relevant Radio helped give you strength in the storm of this year? Has it been a place where you can tune-out hate and focus on holiness? Has it made you feel like part of a family in a time when so many families are separated? If so, support our programs by making a pledge during the Join the Family Pledge Drive this week! Every dollar gets us closer to our goal so make your pledge today!

Stephanie Foley serves as a Digital Media Producer at Relevant Radio®. She is a graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville, where she studied journalism, and she has worked in Catholic radio for 12 years. Stephanie is a wife, a mother of three boys, and in her free time she enjoys reading, running, and really good coffee. You can find more of Stephanie’s writing at and on the free Relevant Radio mobile app.