The Inner Life November 19th – Miracles

Miracles. What are miracles? What do they look like and how do we know if we have seen or experienced a miracle? Msgr Don Sawyer joins Chuck Neff to discuss miracles.


Caller Story – Shares how he overcame his heroin addiction. Says it was a miracle.

Caller Story – A train of 150 cars ran him over at 19 months old. Its a miracle he is still alive.

Caller Story – Her son was sick in the hospital. Thought he was going to die, but he was healed by a miracle.

Caller Story – His mother was told she could never had kids again after removing a tumor. She had 11 kids.

Caller Story – Was a drug addict. Went to confession after 20 years away. Her addiction stopped overnight. It was a miracle.

Caller Story – Shares how his son was a miracle to him, he brought him back to the Catholic faith.