The Inner Life November 19th – Miracles

Miracles. What are miracles? What do they look like and how do we know if we have seen or experienced a miracle? Msgr Don Sawyer joins Chuck Neff to discuss miracles.

Caller Story – Shares how he overcame his heroin addiction. Says it was a miracle.

Caller Story – A train of 150 cars ran him over at 19 months old. Its a miracle he is still alive.

Caller Story – Her son was sick in the hospital. Thought he was going to die, but he was healed by a miracle.

Caller Story – His mother was told she could never had kids again after removing a tumor. She had 11 kids.

Caller Story – Was a drug addict. Went to confession after 20 years away. Her addiction stopped overnight. It was a miracle.

Caller Story – Shares how his son was a miracle to him, he brought him back to the Catholic faith.

Josh Raymond has been on the air in one way or another since 1998. Starting in secular radio and eventually having the opportunity to move into Christian radio, he worked at several stations throughout the Pacific Northwest, serving in different capacities including Show Host, Production Director, Operations Manager, and Program Director. In 2005 he joined Relevant Radio and currently is the Vice President – Director of Programming and Production.