The Inner Life January 25th – Last Rites

. What is the sacrament of last rites and why is it a sacrament? Who can receive this sacrament and why is it important to receive it? Father Carter Griffin joins Chuck Neff to discuss the sacrament of last rites.Last Rites

Caller Story – Her father was on his death bed. Priest came to give last rites. He father lived a few more weeks after that before passing away.

Caller Story – Her and her husband were Methodist. Her husband received last rites after passing away. It lead her to convert to the Catholic faith.

Caller Story – When her father received last rites, he was unable to speak due to a stroke. When it came time for prayers, he was able to recite all of them without issue.

Caller Story – His wife passed away recently. She so badly wanted a priest to come see her. A priest came and anointed her before she passed away.

Caller Story – Her mother received anointing of the sick. She has a look of triumph on her face before she passed away.

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