The Inner Life January 26th – Confession

Confession. What is confession? Why do we need to go to confession? Why can’t we just take our sins to God, why do we have to go to a priest? Father Tim Monahan joins Chuck Neff to discuss why we need confession.


Caller Story – Her mother wanted to go to confession and that lead herself to go to confession. She hadn’t been in such a long time.

Caller Story – He wouldn’t be anywhere without confession. The power of forgiveness has worked wonders in his life.

Caller Story – Ever since he has come back to the Church, he goes to confession every two weeks and it has worked wonders in his life.

Caller Story – A priest told him in confession that it made his Easter that he was there in confession.

Caller Story – She went back to confession after being away for many years and it strengthened her relationship with Christ.