BLM movement’s radical agenda

  • Hour 1 of 3-11-21
  • As trials are underway for Derek Chauvin, the police officer involved in the death of George Floyd, it’s interesting to note that there’s been a change in public opinion of what actually happened last May. You can read about it here. The BLM movement has made it hard to really get anywhere with racial reconciliation, as pointed out in this article.  What BLM truly stands for is nefarious, as they promote abolishing the family and an LGBT agenda. But many people don’t know the truth. Ryan Bomberger is setting out to raise up the real story. You can read his book here.
  • Have you heard about HR1? It’s a bill put forth by Democrats and it would change the entire voting system. It would allow those with a criminal record to vote, and so much more. A true threat to our democracy is upon us, and Zach Smith fills in the details. Find out what you can do to raise awareness.
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