Chauvin trial/Critical race theory

  • Hour 3 of 3-30-21
  • The Derek Chauvin trial is underway! Key witnesses have been up in front of the jurors, sharing their perspective and what they saw leading up to the death of George Floyd. But could it be that he wasn’t killed by the police officer? There were drugs found in his body when there was an autopsy done, so could that have contributed? We will continue to follow the latest, but Lauretta Froelich gives her perspective as a lawyer. She is asked what she thinks the outcome of the trial will be.
  • Critical race theory seems to be everywhere, in the media, schools, military, and entertainment. A showing of Cinderella was cancelled in MN because the cast was supposedly “too white.” Isn’t this Marxist ideology causing more guilt? It seems to be doing more harm and damage than good. Dr. Carol Swain is in to set the record straight on race, identity politics, and where we should go from here as a nation.
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