Human Embryo Research/Mileage Tax

  • Hour 1 of 3-30-21
  • Get a news roundup on the latest issues of the day. Nike is suing the people behind the satan shoes; they want it to be known that they do not have any involvement in the evil product, even though some assumed that they did. Some good news, more people are starting to travel again and airline companies remain hopeful about the future of their business. The TSA is seeing lots of traffic coming through the airports as well.
  • There’s a scary development with a new testing method. Research is being done on human embryos; you can read about it here. Artificial wombs have been manufactured for this experimental testing involving mice. It can only get worse from here. Fr. Tad Pacholczyk is in to explain the dangerous place this could lead us to, and why the Church is against this.
  • President Biden wants to build up the US infrastructure, but this involves a large sum of money and capital. So instead of taxing on gas, Pete Buttigieg believes there should be a mileage tax. People who drive more would have to pay more. Is this a smart idea? Will you be affected? David Ditch explains his concerns, and you can read his piece here.
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