Immigration Problems in the US

  • Hour 3 of 3-22-21
  • As much as the Biden administration doesn’t want to admit it, there is a surge at the border with migrants wanting to come in. They won’t let the media into the migration centers because they don’t want the truth to come out. President Biden said on an ABC News interview recently that he doesn’t want these migrants to come. However, yet those words are a stark contrast to what President Biden said more than once on the campaign trail. And the Biden administration will refuse to call this a ‘crisis,’ but it did slip out in a recent press conference that Jen Psaki had. She tried to cover her tracks after a reporter brought it up. Former President Trump has been coming down hard on the Biden’s administration’s handling of the crisis. But where is a Catholic to stand on all of this? How do we find the balance? Hear from Fr. Thomas Betz – you can read his thoughts here.
  • Dr. Bob Tiballi, infectious disease expert, is your go-to on the pandemic news. He stops by to share his thoughts on whether we could expect another surge. He gives his opinion on how things might look by this summer. Also, was the ‘staying 6 feet away’ rule wrong all along? Was it not scientifically accurate? Get this and some commentary on vaccination efforts.
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