The Patrick Madrid Show: March 31, 2021 – Hour 1

  • Patrick shares the results of a recent pew poll of American Catholics that shockingly reveals that over 2/3 of those polled think it’s fine for Joe Biden and other pro-abortion pro-gender ideology, and pro-same-sex marriage politicians should be able to receive Holy Communion. Then he does a Mexican hat dance on this sad commentary on contemporary Catholicism.
  • Tom – I don’t think they should withhold communion but should make a statement before Mass for people in mortal sin not to receive communion.
  • Sarah – We are speaking about receiving Jesus, not getting a cookie for good behavior.
  • Alex – Could you elaborate on the Church’s stance on scandal?
  • Patrick answers the question: How is this different then when Jesus gave Judas Holy Communion at the Last Supper?
  • Dave – Only 20% to 25% of Catholics go to Mass.
  • Leslie – What if my kids turned their backs on me because of my beliefs?