Analysis on Chauvin verdict

  • Hour 1 of 4-22-21
  • Guest host Ed Morrissey is with Andy McCarthy to talk about the Chauvin trial. They both agree that this was a case where it’s important to be plugged into the entire procedure, rather than just hearing the soundbites or social media takes. McCarthy examines the different perspectives that people submitted surrounding the trial, ranging from Floyd’s drug use which they claim caused the death, or that Floyd died only from the hands of Chauvin. But he says it was not an ‘either or,’ but rather, the question before the jury was this, did Chauvin prove to be a substantial cause of Floyd’s death? That was what needed to be decided. He believes that it was a “much closer case,” even though it many not have seemed that way. McCarthy also gives his take on Cong. Maxine Water’s comments.
  • The Biden administration has taken action related to Obamacare mandates which violate religious freedom rights. President Biden is wanting medical professionals to be forced to violate their beliefs and perform gender transition. Ed points out the double standard, in that Medicare and Medicaid are not included in these mandates. Joe Davis from Becket is here to talk more about the case, which is now going up to Court of Appeals. You can learn more at
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