Effects of lockdown on youth

  •  Hour 1 of 4-7-21
  • Drew begins with a news roundup as he tells you about President Biden’s infrastructure plan. It appears that some Democrats are trying to get many things into this package that have nothing to do with infrastructure. Also, how will this be paid for? Will Buttigieg want a mileage tax? Hear his latest comments about that. Also get the latest on President Biden’s desire to push through student loan forgiveness. Will it benefit the American people or cause more problems?
  • It’s Autism Awareness month! Drew visits with Meg Puddy for some interesting stats and facts. Also, hear an encouraging story about a guy with Autism who reached out for employment help; he ended up going viral and got multiple job offers!
  • Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons has been very passionate about helping people through the pandemic. He believes that the lockdown caused unnecessary harm, especially on children. They have been negatively impacted in many ways and he believes it’s far past time for them to go back to school. He adds that they need to socialize and live normal lives again.
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