Floyd case/Media inflating racism

  • Hour 1 of 4-19-21
  • A news roundup on issues pertaining to the Supreme Court and term limits. Do you believe that justices on the highest court in our nation should be able to stay until their death? Drew discusses this and looks at the fight to break up big tech companies, being led by Sen. Hawley. Also, the latest on the George Floyd case. Today, the defense concluded their time and argued that asphyxiation was not the main cause of Floyd’s death. It was added that the crowd distracted Chauvin from properly doing his job. Now, it’s up to the jury to decide. But how are things looking in the Twin Cities? Have they been overtaken by riots again? Hear from Ed Morrissey.
  • Do you believe that racism is a systemic problem in our country? Some claim that white people are the oppressors and African Americans are the oppressed, and this is all related to critical race theory. It could be that the media and news networks are stoking these flames and convincing people that we are back in the 60’s again. What do you think? Is the media driving this narrative? Eric Kauffman is in to give you his thoughts.
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