If I Were the Devil (encore)

  • Hour 3 of 4-13-21
  • A writer for the LA Times was rejoicing in an op-ed that less people are affiliated with a church. He is a secularist and claims lots of lies about Christians and Catholics. The truth is, our world needs God more than anything else. A rise in secularism will do no good for our society. Pat Fagan explains his thoughts.
    Hear a fantastic monologue from Paul Harvey of broadcast fame, as he accurately predicts so much of what we are seeing in our modern day culture. It’s called “If I Were the Devil,” and you can watch back here. Venerable Bishop Sheen was also very on point in this talk here. It’s his prophecy made about 50 years ago and he is dead on. So what are we to do to restore culture? How can we get back to God? How would St. JPII respond in this day and age? He had to go up against threats far worse than what we see now. Tom Hoopes has a great column here and is on to discuss.
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